Simona Hromadová Graphic designer and Illustrator

I am a graphic designer and Illustrator, who has high passion for art, illustration and design technologies. I graduated from Middlesex University in London, where I studied Art and Graphic Design.


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O Simi design

Simona Hromadova

Over the past eight years, I used my experiences in graphic design to help clients in several countries in order to bring their brand and ideas to life. I enjoy working with small and large businesses as well as with individuals.

When I'm not helping my clients, I like working on my own side projects. It helps me stay fresh in what I do and gives me new challenges and experiences. I also love doing fantasy art, as there is something special about the unlimited posibilities of using the imagination. I am inspired by nature and spirituality.

Link for my Interview for Voxgroovy.


what we do?

Simi Design offers customized, professional visual design solutions for a wide range of printed and web marketing materials. Logo design, brochures, banners, newsletter (s), book covers, labels, posters, illustrations for children's books, magazines or games, web graphics, and indeed everything in between. I plant, develop and supplie from small one-off projects such as logos, business cards, brochures to complex branding and corporate identity.

What is the PROCESs?

The aim is to ensure the client gets the highest quality solutions and services. The process includes four steps:

1. SURVEY - questions / discussion to better understand your ideas about the project, timing and budget.

2. DRAFT - draft proposals, of which you select the best options for further development.

3. FINALAZING - finalt tuning and final approval


why to choose Simi design?

  • I'm a perfectionist
  • I love what I do
  • I make great customer relationships
  • I keep deadlines
  • I have the necessary experience and skills
  • I am ready to help
  • My desire is to cooperate with you
Do what you love doing and love what you're doing. Then you would never have to work again.anonymous
Have no fear of perfection. You will never reached it.Salvador Dali
Art is the highest joy that a man gives himself.Karl Marx
Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.Pablo Picasso